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We at SYMCONS believe that networking is one of the most powerful tools for us to reach out to the whole world. The network we have in mind are our AFFILIATES -- talented men and women located anywhere in the world, whose skills and knowledge would either supplement or complement our own. What do we look for in an AFFILIATE ? S/he would be a person of above average scholastic attainments, be at least a graduate in any discipline of Engineering, Technology, Sciences, Medicines, Law or Management; have at least two years experience as an Executive, Academic or in independent practice. S/he must be persons who are eager to look at new challenges and opportunities, meet them successfully and come out with flying colours. S/he must be a person who constantly updates her/his knowledge in her/his field of specialisation. S/he should be well conversant with the requirements, culture and ethos of the country they reside in. S/he should preferably have travelled outside their country. S/he must have reasonable business skills and a persuasive personality.


There are three easy steps for you to follow to become an AFFILIATE.

STEP- I :Get yourself an email ID of the form:

STEP - II : Send your detailed resume to will review your details and reply to you in a short time. Should we ask you for any clarifications, be sure to send the required information at the earliest.

STEP - III :Wait for our acceptance mail, and you are on !

Did we not say that it was easy ?


Affiliates will be divided into different homogeneous groups, so that we can utilise their skills and knowledge productively. Some of the groups would be TECHNICAL - those with an Engineering, Technology, Medical or Pure or Applied Sciences background. Those with a background in Finance would be part of the FINANCE Group, and so on. Irrespective of which stream an AFFILIATE is placed in, s/he is expected to provide us with leads in their areas of specialisation and where possible, help us get business. Very frequently, depending on the Affiliate’s willingness we might sub-contract assignments. For all these activities the AFFILIATE will be paid an attractive fee. But more than monetary rewards, we would like our AFFILIATES to think of themselves as part of the SYMCONS family. Make it a point to visit us, whenever you come to India. When we introduce Newsletters, we will very often turn to our AFFILIATES to provide us with country specific and technology specific content.


Very shortly, we will be announcing plans to enroll our AFFILIATES, at their option, as SYMCONIANS.In return for a small one- time fee, you will get a SYMCONS PIN and a NAME PLATE with your field of activity clearly written on it. Each SYMCONIAN will also receive email addresses of all other SYMCONIANS residing in their country. This, we trust, will enable SYMCONIANS to interact with fellow SYMCONIANS in their country; hold regular meetings; elect officers of their Association should they choose to form one.We hope that over a period of time, the SYMCONIAN network will expand to extending hospitality to visiting SYMCONIANS from other countries, group travel of SYMCONIANS from one country to another and so on, ultimately culminating in an ANNUAL INTERNATIONAL CONVENTION.


We are already negotiating with well-known names in the Insurance Sector to provide Group Life Insurance; Group Medical Insurance and Group Travel Insurance to SYMCONIANS at reduced Premiums. We will also very soon announce Retirement and other Savings Plans for SYMCONIANS. We hope to introduce Credit Cards with exciting features and offers. Tie-ups with leading Travel Agents and Hotels to give you the benefit of travelling for pleasure or work will also be introduced shortly.

If all this EXCITES you, Email:


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