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Translating a Project Idea into an economic activity, inevitably requires money.   The amount needed may be small, in which case you could possibly fund it yourself.   More often, the amount needed may be large, far more than what you can put in. Relax, you do not have to forget your Dream Project merely because it is beyond your financial capacity. 
We can help you get money in one of two ways. You can fill in the form given below and mail it to us, and we will get back to you with a comprehensive solution. Alternatively, or in addition, click on POST A MESSAGE given below and your requirements will be posted on our Bulletin Board, so as to enable anybody, anywhere, to respond to your requirements. Your message will be posted only if your email ID reads as

If you are looking for Capital or Loans, click on the REGISTRATION FORM

In addition, or as an alternative, you can POST A MESSAGE, by clicking on the button below.

If you have worked or are working in a bank, Venture Capital Company, Financial Services Company or practice as a Financial Consultant, and are looking for fresh opportunities and challenges, you are welcome to join us as an AFFILIATE and benefit handsomely with an additional source of income. Look up the AFFILIATE page, give us your details, and watch for the acceptance mail from us. AFFILIATES can associate with us in one of two ways. You can refer to us Projects which need funding and get a share of our fees after successful completion of the assignment. Alternatively, you can provide us leads on Bankers, Financiers, Venture Capitalists in your geographical area. Also, based on your performance, we might from time to time refer Projects to you and pay you a fee. What we are planning is an international affiliation for SYMCONS, and you could well be the key person in your area. When we talk about networking, WE MEAN IT !
We request those who CAN PROVIDE CAPITAL OR GUARANTEES OR LOANS to write to us separately at you are looking at funding Country specific, Technology specific or any one or more parameters that you wish to fix, and would like the community to know about it, you can POST A MESSAGE by clicking on the button below
For any additional information Email
About Us | Convert Project Ideas | Technology | What India Offers |Media Review
Growth Areas | Free E-mail | Affiliate |Exciting Offers | Post Messages |Contact Us |Site Map