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We are extremely optimistic about India becoming one of the ECONOMIC SUPER POWERS by the year 2020. That spells enormous Investment Opportunities both nationally and globally, which in turn will provide a return on investment amongst the most attractive in the world.
We have devised a one-day SEMINAR on "Investment Opportunities in India", which outlines the sectors of high growth in India's economy. We can conduct this seminar anywhere in the world. Interested Chambers of Commerce, Management Trainers, Consultants and other Facilitators and our AFFILIATES are welcome to get in touch with us by writing to us at :

A survey conducted by us shows that there is considerable eagerness on the part of medium sized industries to invest in India. What holds them back is inadequate information about the country’s economy and industrial scene. They would like to ask many questions on opportunities but they find it expensive and long drawn out to find the answers by themselves. This Seminar is intended for them, to give them the assurance and confidence provided by knowledgeable persons.

Each Seminar starts with breakfast and ends with evening tea; it will be held in one of the top line hotels in industrial cities. The seminar faculty will function as counsellors after the Programme is over and will be available the next day too for free consultation.

The salient features of the SEMINAR will be : sharing with the participants some of the futuristic studies made by industry associations, and the government; the thrust areas of the economy; India specific-product-market strengths and weaknesses.

We will from time to time, announce other Programmes/Seminars/Workshops. We are also open to the idea of any of our AFFILIATES conducting Programmes on other topics as well, under a licensing agreement, which will enable them to leverage the powerful Brand Equity of SYMCONS. We are extremely stringent about the use of our name, and license programmes only after we are satisfied that they are of the highest standard.

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