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SYMCONS is an acronym for SYstems and Management CONSultants. Based in Hyderabad, India, we have over the last two decades, carved a niche for ourselves as facilitators for both manufacturing units and the services sector - - start-ups; Greenfield projects; large multi-locational, multinational projects and established companies going in for expansion, have all benefited by our services. Feasibility Studies, Preparation of Detailed Project Reports and Financial Services have been our major thrust areas. If you wish to do business with India or in India, set-up a manufacturing base here, or offer services in any sector, we have the resources to help you get started. We have prepared DETAILED PROJECT REPORTS and organised finance for : a $ 5 million company manufacturing Fibre Glass; a $ 5 million company manufacturing Rayon; 3 Cement Plants ranging in Investment from $ 10 million to $ 25 million; and a plant manufacturing urea with an investment of over $ 250 million. The total volume of Leasing and Bill Discounting organised by us would be in excess of $ 75 million. We have been involved with over 25 Initial Public Offers. More recently, in line with the shift in market focus, we are actively associated with a number of technology based and health care units. A strong commitment to excellence and tenacity of purpose gives us the confidence to state:
As businesses world-wide increase at a galloping pace, and the speed of travel and communications make barriers of distances unimportant, the world itself becomes a �global village�. We at SYMCONS have re-engineered our mental horizons to provide services all over the world. How do we plan to do this ?Through networking. Our plan is very simple. Around the world, there are a lot of talented men and women, whose skills are either complementary or supplementary to ours. We invite them all, where ever in the world they are located, to join us as AFFILIATES. Working together, we can work wonders !

SYMCONS is a services provider- - yes, but if you scroll through all the features that are on offer on our web-site, you will agree with us when we say that SYMCONS is a KNOWLEDGE SITE. You will find that we have linked with some of the most respected names in the world, to help you buy BOOKS, MAGAZINES, SOFTWARE and when you wish to relax - MUSIC. Search the World Wide Web through the help of two very powerful Search Engines, and when you require current updates click on NEWS, and get what you are looking for - FREE!

SYMCONS is a COMMUNICATIONS SITE. Besides our FREE features-packed web based e-mail, MAIL, we offer seven BULLETIN BOARDS FREE for you to post messages and interact with those who either share the same views with you or hold widely different views. If you would like to see additional features on this site,

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SYMCONS is actively geared up for the challenges of the 21st Century and predicts that the market focus will shift from the manufacturing sector to the following areas :-

    Internet, E-commerce and Technology driven solutions.
    Bio-technology, Pharmaceuticals and affordable health care for all.
    Alternative sources of energy. An exciting development in this area could well be through controlled fusion and transmission of energy through superconductivity.

    Exponential growth in the travel and leisure sector.

    Rapid growth in the telecommunications sector.

    Convergence of entertainment, communications and computers.

Have we missed out any promising sector ? TELL US !
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